Meet Our Staff!

Here at Inspiration, we have been blessed with a very diverse and helpful staff! Our staff can be very helpful (especially if it is your first time visiting with us)! This page will introduce some of our key staff members in our church, so that you may know whom to look for when you visit! The staff members here at Inspiration Baptist are some of the most helpful, kind, and trustworthy people you will ever get to know! Please do not hesistate to reach out to any of them and they will be glad to help answer questions and assist you in any way necessary.

Head Pastor & Wife:

Larry and Sheila Nunn

The image to the left displays our current/active pastor Rev. Larry Nunn. Larry Nunn and his wife Sheila recently became members of our church in February of 2021. Larry and Sheila have been a great asset to this church ever since their arrival. Pastor Nunn has previously been a pastor at Bullock Creek Cowboy Church in York, SC. Larry provides very convicting and thought prevoking gospel messages for the congregation. Pastor Nunn believes in the strong power of prayer and the gospel advance. Larry and Sheila are two very humble and genuine people, so feel free to approach them at anytime during your visit. We are very blessed to have him and his family with us at Inpiration.

Pastor Emeritus and Wife:

Roland and Carol Dry

Pictured to the left are Roland and Carol Dry. They have been members of the church for over 21 1/2 years. In fact, they founded the church! Pastor Roland has recently retired from his lead pastoral position in the church, and he has done a fantastic job. Here is a brief statement from him:

"Are you looking for a perfect church? Well the truth is, there isn't a perfect church. But, we can tell you about a great church!
Carol and I, along with six others, planted the Inspiration Southern Baptist Church of Rock Hill, the first Sunday of January, 2000. Our goal was to provide a worship experience for families who are blessed by traditional singing, southern gospel music, and Christ-center preaching from the Bible. We believe that Christians should live like Christ.

We also believe that the kingdom of God's grows "one soul at a time" when someone tells someone else how to become a Christian..."

Minister of Music and Pianist:

Harry and Mindy Broadwell

Harry Broadwell, Minister of Music, and wife, Mindy Broadwell, Church Pianist, joined Inspiration Baptist Church in 2017. Harry and Mindy met, dated, became engaged, and were wedded on the campus of Bob Jones University while attending the university where both Harry and Mindy graduated with university degrees. Harry received his undergraduate degrees in Bible, Music minor, and graduate degrees in Pastoral Studies, and Counseling. Mindy graduated receiving her Bachelor of Science in Math Education. Harry and Mindy have served in various church ministry opportunities in Indiana, where Mindy is originally from, and in South Carolina. Harry and Mindy have three wonderful children, Christian Harry, Rose Margaret, and Noah Harrison Broadwell. It is their privilege to minister together along with their children as a family unit. To God be the glory, great things He has taught us, great things He has done!

Church Organist and Treasurer:

Ann Belue

Pictured to the left is Ms. Ann Belue. She is one of our most helpful and fundamental staff members here at Inspiration Baptist. Ann is currently our church organist and churh treasurer. Ann has been with the church since January of 2000. She has been a dedicated and loving member throughout the years. Ann loves music, horses, and spending time ourdoors in her free-time. Here is a brief statement from Ann regarding her testimony...

In 1975, I was thirty-one years old, church organist, youth leader, my husband a deacon in the church we attended, and I was lost. At eleven, I had joined the church and baptized... just because my friends did. So many times during the following 20 years, I felt the drawing and conviction of the Holy Spirit but my pride kept me from acknowledging that I was lost and had never asked the Lord to forgive me of my sins and to come into my heart. One Sunday evening in April 1975, the conviction of my lost condition was so strong I could hardly wait for the pastor to finish his sermon so I could go to the altar and ask God to forgive me and be my Savior. So thankful for the amazing grace of God, His mercy, and that He never gave up on me.