Inspiration Baptist Media


This is a wonderful sermon provided by Rev. Roland Dry during a Sunday morning service here at Inspiration. We hope this sermon will be a blessing to you as you listen!

This is a sermon brought to us by Pastor Larry Nunn during a Sunday morning service. This message was an incredible blessing to the congregation and we trust that you will find it to be one as well!

Songs of Inspiration

Many of our members remember Mr. Pierce Sheets; our former music director here at Inspiration. This is a cover video of him performing a song called "Little David". Pierce was a beloved staff member here at Inspiration for many years. We do miss the blessings in song that he brought to us.

This is a video of Rev. Roland Dry and his wife Carol Dry performing a song entitled "Rise Again". Listen closely to the text of this song and take it's meaning to heart. This song was a blessing to hear in person, and we trust it will be a blessing to you as well.

This is a wonderful video clip of our choir here at Inspiration in previous years. The song being performed is entitled "Through the Fire". The Inspiration choir has been a blessing throughout the years and we are thankful for the way the Lord has worked using the members in our church body.

One of our beloved members Mr. Marty Boone performed this beautiful version of "O Holy Night" one Sunday evening. Marty has since gone home to be with the Lord where he is continuing to sing and praise the Lord more than ever before. We hope you enjoy this blessing of a song.

Over the years, our choir here at Inspiration has performed many great songs that have blessed the in-person congregation as well as the TV audience. We are pleased to bring this choir performance to you now via our webpage! Enjoy!

This is a great song covered by Mr. Pierce Sheets. The song is entitled "Speak The Word, Lord". We hope you enjoy it as much as we have!

This is a video of the Melody Singers performing during a Sunday morning service. This song is called "Show Me the Cross". Enjoy this wonderful quartet special!